Often times businesses change and/or implement new business strategies without modifying the people related strategies to align with the new strategies resulting in frustration and confusion among employees and leaders. Selection, compensation and recognition/reward processes need to link up to the new strategies to enhance the success of implementing these strategies. Metrics for Human Resources need to directly tie to the bottom line success of the business. This alignment will improve the probability of a successful implementation of the business strategies. Businesses today have to be nimble and react quickly to changes to the business environment. Keeping the workforce engaged during a business crisis (e.g. bankruptcy, downsizing) is critical. There are key strategies and techniques to retain and engage employees during significant change events. Ann brings a unique perspective as a business leader in several industries with over 25 years of experience in both Business Operations and Human Resources. Because of her extensive corporate experience in large and small businesses, she has a pragmatic approach to developing human capital strategies that are concrete and effective. Business leaders can see the direct correlation between the business and people related strategies. She has the proven ability to build a bridge between Human Resources and the business leaders.